Monday, September 10, 2007

Why I didn't see a snap of the Bears game (but I listened to every play on the radio)

This can be alternatively titled "Why Dicta is wrong about Soccer [but still is funny and we like him anyways]"

I'm a huge Bears fan. I live and die (like Ron Santo and the Cubs) with every snap of the football. I grew up at Soldier Field. I've been to more games than I count. And I've never missed an opening day viewing...until yesterday. Because I went to the Soccer Game.

Yesterday, arguably the best collection of soccer players in the world came to Chicago and played what amounted to a home game against the United States National Team. Brazil versus The U.S. And all I can say is wow. Ronaldinho is amazing and seeing it in person was There was a penalty shot late in the game with about 15 minutes left when he set up his shot. I turned to everyone around me and said that this shot is going to be a goal...just watch:

And lo and behold from the spot of the ball lined up from the right post, it was a low curve that buried itself in the lower left corner of the goal. Like on Sportscenter, only in person.

I can appreciate comments saying that soccer is a slow sport to watch, but not when you are in the stands. Baseball might as well be a battle with the snooze alarm, Basketball has too many TV timeouts, and Football doesn't have the extended periods of intensity that I witnessed from Section 105, Row 10, Seat 7.

In the end, we lost 4-2. Brazil is the #1 team in the world for a reason (actually, I think it is multiple reasons: #7, #10, #11 just to name a few). Still it was an amazing experience to see the Joga Bonito up close and personal.