Friday, August 17, 2007

They tell me that Truth is a defense to Libel

I've kept my law school anonymous throughout the entire life of this blog, although those of you who know me know the school I attended. I've also kept where I worked throughout school anonymous. I've done my best to keep anonymous while relaying things that I have experience or my friends have experienced throughout their legal education and beyond. And this is how I intend it to remain.

Now, you might be asking, why on earth did I just write the above passage?

There's a topic of conversation floating around this blog. Has to deal with my job search, the road blocks that I've encountered, and the people who you come in to contact with along the way. My last post dealt with an office of my law school that is tasked with aiding students and alumni in finding employment. Specifically, with their system of approving resumes before letting students and alumni apply online for jobs listed in their system.

I've written in the past about how my resume was posted to their system and then denied. I wrote earlier this week that I resubmitted my resume to the office for approval. I have received their response, their 'suggestions', and a request from the office. The short end of it: they rejected my resume again.

For complete and total disclosure sake: The changes that they have asked for is placing the city and state of where I worked and went to school, the fact that their MS Office reformats my resume into two pages and this is a no-no, and that my knowledge of and ability to work with Adobe Products and Microsoft Office is completely surplussage.

Without further adieu, here is their e-mail with my name redacted and with emphasis added at two sections:

***Just a few changes that are critical to make but not hard -otherwise your resume looks good. Also, I strongly recommend that you remove the bashing of our office from your blogspot page. Employers do research potential employees using these sites and you want to appear professional and courteous at all times.***

Thank you for submitting your résumé. After a cursory review and critique of your résumé, we believe that revisions should be made to more effectively market your skills and abilities to employers. Accordingly, your résumé has not been approved for posting.

Please see the attached document bearing recommended revisions and revise your résumé accordingly.
I could put some amazing summation here. I could put some witty conclusory statement as I am prone to do. But they are likely reading this post [perhaps after deeply exhaling that I have not identified the author of the email or their employer] and they have said that I should be professional and courteous at all times. So, I am going to give it a try with a request:

Would you please approve my resume. Please? I just want to apply for a job.