Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Them Be the Snake Eyes

I had the audacity in thinking that I could beat the system.

I have a family member that worked in the Airline Industry for 30+ years. Up until my 25th Birthday, I had unlimited travel benefits thanks to this person. Basically, I could wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, for free.

Now, I turned 25 seven weeks ago. It was about that time that I sought counsel in the family member who provides these benefits regarding my trip to Vegas. It was the understanding of this person, that the computer for the Airline in question took 6-9 months to kick the person out of the system after they turned 25. Everything was rosy when I checked the computer a few days ago, my flight plans were going to work just fine.

25 minutes ago, the computer caught up with me. And now I am proper fucked.