Thursday, August 23, 2007

And now for something completely different

10:51:06 AM thenambypamby: i feel dirty
10:51:16 AM thenambypamby: i just applied to a PD
10:51:22 AM Episcopus: hahaha
10:51:39 AM Episcopus: do you need to vomit and shower now
10:53:02 AM thenambypamby: i should
10:59:47 AM thenambypamby: and now
10:59:52 AM thenambypamby: im applying to a bankruptcy firm
10:59:58 AM thenambypamby: for reasons i cannot come to terms with
11:00:12 AM Episcopus: you are peddling your soul awfully quickly
11:00:19 AM Episcopus: the bar exam was only a month ago
11:01:14 AM thenambypamby: you are right...but playing xbox 360 wont pay the bills
11:01:32 AM Episcopus: true
11:01:50 AM Episcopus: you could go downtown and panhandle
11:01:57 AM Episcopus: at least you would still have your dignity