Sunday, July 01, 2007

Just a bunch of things

The Bar Exam
1. The bar is 23 days away. I am not ready [but I will be]
1a. I hope.

The iPhone
2a. My iPhone is amazing. Like there was any doubt of that.
2b. Yes Dicta, it is worth $650 and Yes, Episcopus, I am an iTool. This is the evidence of that.
2c. Daisy, we'll talk.

The Shitty
3. A spider attacked me in my sleep two days ago. This resulted in spider bites over my arms, neck, and torso. I now have calamine lotion over my arms, neck, and torso. I look like a freak.

The Reason I Love Apple
4a. My laptop (which I bought before law school started) broke and in a vain attempt to fix it, I sent it back to Apple.
4b. One month later, my laptop had not been fixed.
4c. Shortly thereafter, Apple determined that they could not fix it.
4d. Thoughts of being relegated to my P.O.S. Dell with a broken enter key began to dance in my head.
4e. Apple sent me a top of the line, bajillion times better than my old one, brand spankin
new MacBook Pro. Life is good.