Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm just exuding that Chicago sports team optimism

8:20:30 PM thenambypamby: after game one, i wasnt sure if the bulls could play worse...but they have
8:20:49 PM 3L_pistonsfan: hahaha
8:22:34 PM thenambypamby: the bulls have just made absolutely fucking stupid decisions 7 times
8:22:39 PM 3L_pistonsfan: it's 15 because the pistons are studs
8:22:43 PM thenambypamby: no…its because the bulls are scared of the pistons in the playoffs
8:23:04 PM 3L_pistonsfan: because the pistons are studs
8:23:55 PM thenambypamby: i think the bulls could win this game
8:24:12 PM 3L_pistonsfan: if they outscore the pistons by 16 in the next two quarters
8:24:29 PM thenambypamby: they have to play tight, mentally astute basketball
8:24:34 PM thenambypamby: so, in other words,
8:24:37 PM thenambypamby: the bulls are fucked