Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This morning has sucked

1. I spent a good 3 minutes agonizing over the fact that I have yet to study for the MPRE (I have no idea where my copy of the model rules of professional responsibility is located). That was three minutes I will never get back. Ever.
2. I forgot to shave [However, I did end up washing my hair twice]
3. I got out the door and promptly remember that I had a motion to quash due for night class. Upon exiting, locking, and moving down the stairs, I then remembered that the boilerplate example was sitting on my desk.
4. Upon exiting the house, locking the door, and moving down the stairs a second time, I remember that I left my cell phone next to the coffee maker.
5. I got to the train station at 9:28. No train showed up until 9:50. Thus I was late to work by a full 15 minutes.
6. And the grand finale: Dunkin Donuts raised prices.

Update: Despite the foregoing, the Senior Partner decided to order ESPN (5 minutes before the first game tipped off) for us so he can watch the Big Ten, Big East, and ACC Tournaments. I have begun shuttling back and forth between my office and the TV to catch glimpses of the various games being played. My productivity will now cease to exist until April