Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Final Spring Break Forecast

Spring Break begins next week. Spring Break is supposed to be the pause in classes where we law students get the chance to recharge ourselves by engaging in the most self-destructive habits known to mankind. I've got my schedule planned out and the forecast is less than promising:

Saturday: St. Patricks Day. That means up at 7. Drunk by 10. Passed out by 1. Puke and rally for the evening BBall games. The alcohol imbibed combined with the weather being cold means No Golf.

Sunday: Will be hungover and perhaps suffering from alcohol poisoning which is perfect since this will be the most intense Trial Team practice of the semester for the better part of the afternoon. Trial Team practice and a Hangover means a 95% chance of No Golf.

Monday: I have to work Monday. It's also supposed to rain. This means No Golf. There is a 50/50 chance that I will have a late night rendezvous with the driving range but that definitely does not satisfied the craving within.

Tuesday: I have to be completely memorized for the competition by this day. That means the Pre-trial motions, the exams, the Motion for Judgment of Acquittal and the closing argument [which at this point is still not finish]. The Trial Team wins the day and the night. No Golf Likely.

Wednesday: The office will again beckon and I will again heed its call. And there is Trial Team at Night. This will be the hump-day of Spring Break, but I am left wondering where is the actual 'break' component. Again, the back nine will not be paid a visit by yours truly on this day.

Thursday: I am a man who must shake his moneymaker. Day three of the office work. Oh yes, there is also a Trial Team practice at night. The short end of it is that there will be No Golf on Thursday.

Friday: Finally, a day without Objecting, Arguing or Examining. The only item on the calendar will be a few hours of physical therapy. Golf might be likely. Oh...wait...I have a weekend full of trial team to prepare for. No TGIF Tee Time.

Saturday: This would be the perfect day to go to the course. However. Trial Team begins at 12. I could get up really early, have a 6am Tee-Time (why on earth would I do this to myself?), shoot 18 holes, and still not be back in time for the opening statements. Or I could venture to the course after practice. But I wouldn't get to a course before 4 and then it would be hard to get a full round in. Damned if you do, three putt if don't. This means: No Golf.

Sunday: Trial Team at Noon. Same scheduling issues as yesterday. Added issue: I will not have studied, addressed, looked at, thought about, cared about, or acknowledged the existence of my actual class work. The afternoon may or may not be spent catching on a marathon Xbox 360 session my other school work. Alas, No Golf this day.
Alas, I hope everyone has a great spring break doing whatever fascinating plans that they intended to engage in. When you are sipping that Umbrella drink, poolside, somewhere warm, think of me at school enjoying my last Spring Break ever.