Thursday, March 15, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

I was faced with a tough decision today and I think that I have made the right choice. My options were simple:

  1. Wake up at 6:30 so that I could drive at least 90 minutes in rush hour traffic to a far away suburb to visit one of IDOC's finer facilities for a class 'fieldtrip'. Be there at 9am sharp for a three hour tour (a three hour tour) [yes Gilligan, I went there]. Drive home around 12 and get stuck in the afternoon rush hour traffic. There would be no reimbursement for the time spent, for the gas expended, nor the wear on my car.
  2. Go to work and get paid.
  3. Go to work. Leave work at 11am with the Senior Partner, a junior associate, and the Senior Partner's son to go to the ESPNZone. Where another firm that we do business with is hosting a four-hour NCAA Tournament kick off event that includes food, beverage, and games. Oh yes, and get paid for a full days work.
What option do you think I am taking?

Update: I've been drinking free Black and Tans since 11am. Highlight: Hearing the boss say in front of his son, 'In undergrad, I drilled more holes in Black and Decker.