Saturday, February 24, 2007

When gents drink, texts to a future State's Attorney who make their girlfriend answer the drunk dials follow

Three drunk gents, 3 cell phones, and one friend that had his lady friend answer our drunk dials:

Text #1: Seriously though. If you need to have your woman speak for you that is totally cool. I hope that works for your first murder case.

Text #2: Are you crying?

Text #3: Balls.

Text #4: Hey dude, whenever you get your balls returned we should go out drinking. I'll totally cover for you, no one will have to know.

Text #5: I'm related to Los Lobos

Text #6: I'm also related to Los Lobos

Text #7: Balls. Cock. Con Law

Text #8: Hey, If you are still allowed to go out, name the bar in middle ground so that I can hook you up with the circumstances that will make you a man. Unless that is too big a risk for you, I totally respect that. We can always sit around and play "drinking games" just ask permission.