Saturday, February 24, 2007

On Happy Hour

Last night was the first happy hour celebrated at my apartment. When the last of my friends stumbled out after 3am, it gave me pause to reflect:

  1. Any happy hour that begins at 5pm and lasts past 3am is a good happy hour
  2. One gent drank two bottles (yes two bottles) of Disaronno Amaretto. He didn't bother with a mixer. He didn't bother with other beverages. He just drank straight Disaronno all night. He then drove himself home.
  3. One gent took the Jack Daniels off the bar. Removed the cap. And began to chug.
  4. The drunk dialing started and the recipients soon grew wise not to pick up the phone. A slew of drunken voice mails were left to various individuals. Then the text messages began. Apologies were sent this morning.
  5. Jameson shots: good idea. Jose Cuervo shots: good idea. Jaeger shots: Bad...bad idea
  6. I was the host of the party, yet my house and car keys ended up in Arlington Heights. Puzzling.
And good times were had by all