Thursday, February 15, 2007

How Not to E-Mail on a Snow Day

As most of you likely know, Snow has been blanketing the Chicago area the past several days. Tuesday it was the worst because it cold and nasty, driving was atrocious, and the snow just would not stop. An adjunct at my school decided that canceling an off campus was the best idea, so she had her assistant send an e-mail to the class (with a CC going to the supervising dean) letting the class know not to show up.

Well, some people get giddy when snow days are declared in law school. This giddiness disables the normal brain function that prevents colossal fuck-ups from occurring. In this case a lone student, caught up in the moment of watching huge snow flakes fall from the sky, wanted to let his friends know about his good fortune and have them bask in the glory of a canceled class. Instead of this laudable goal, he hit reply all to the message. This is the actual e-mail that he sent his classmates, his professor, and the dean:

Date: Feb 13, 2007 4:23 PM
To: [Redacted Class E-Mail List]

my night class got cancelled bitches! it looks like Siberia here in the loop...i can't see 10 ft out my office window...okay, i don't have an office, but you all get the point: i'm pretty damn important...
Now, I can not be sure what his exact thoughts were when he realized that he sent this e-mail, but I'm sure it went something like "Oh shit."