Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Despite it's best efforts, the Snooze Button will not cause me to flunk out of law school

This morning was another epic battle with the snooze button on my cell phone. When it was all said and done, I got out of bed almost 90 minutes after I had wanted to get up (let's face it, 6:30 is just too early). I wanted to spend the morning finding out what the hell my drafting assignment is and starting the fucker completing two Motions for Discovery.

Turns out that when you give yourself 20 minutes to find-begin-and-complete-homework, instead of the 2 hours planned, that not as much gets done. Not as much gets done when 8 minutes of the 20 is spent making coffee. Not as much gets done when the 12 other minutes are used for a) finding the syllabus and b) playing online poker.

Thankfully, one of my friends uses something called 'Lexis' It was named by the Germans and means 'Rehnquists vagina'. On this 'Lexis' contraption he found that there are handy 'templates' that need to only be 'tweaked' before they are turned in. With my Lexis acumen at about a negative 5, he e-mailed me step for step instructions on how to find these templates. 7 clicks later: Jackpot

Thank God for smart friends.