Monday, January 29, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine or With Friends Like These Who Needs...Counseling?

8:58:45 AM thenambypamby (Autoreply): i have no idea how to act in this situation...please someone stop the madness!
8:58:46 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: yes, coming out to your parents is always difficult
8:59:07 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: i would recommend either taking up rollerblading and/or donning leather pants
8:59:16 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: makes that awkward phone call much less necessary
9:00:18 AM thenambypamby: how's your cleft pallet working out for you?
9:00:35 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: delithfulth
9:00:51 AM thenambypamby: im glad they finally diagnosed that problem
9:00:57 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: me too…explains the screaming children
9:01:09 AM thenambypamby: that is your personal scent of darkness
9:01:53 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: i once had someone tell me i had an icy cold black heart.
9:02:00 AM 2L_Rockstar_05: that's probably where the stench comes from
9:02:15 AM thenambypamby: and you took that as a shiny compliment and an acknowledgment of how you should be a lawyer