Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Warden is a Coming...Time to Make my Peace with God

So I spent a large portion of yesterday not doing my paper: Scrubs Season 4 on DVD. IM-ing. Facebooking. Playing with my dog. But now, it is go time. I'm at 29 pages and I have to have at least 30.

The goals for the next several hours:

I have to finish a part that I know next to nothing about. [I'm not sure that the prof would like a line saying, "It's because Congress is a group of power hungry jackasses that know shit about shit. Id."]

I have to Bluebook-lite the cites. By that I mean I just want them to look somewhat correct, if he actually spends the time critiquing me for a lack of a space or misuse of italics, I'm just not going to win regardless.

I have to care. This is, after all, for a grade. In Law School. It's serious business. Or not.