Saturday, December 09, 2006

If you are reading this, then you might be slacking off

Welcome to Slackerville West.

In an attempt to focus my last 49 hours before this paper is due, I left my apartment in the city for the sans roommate, Xbox 360-Free, Scotch-less environment of the parental home in the burbs.

Despite having no Xbox or a roommate here, I have found creative ways to waste time: College Basketball, Checking Bloglines Incessantly, IM'ing, and the cell phone calls from non-law students asking me to go do something called "fun" (Am I pronouncing that right?)

My paper is coming along. And by coming along I mean I have got the word file opened and research spread on the table in front of me. My goal is to have the bulk of the work done before I hit the sack tonight. So I can spend tomorrow watching football and tacitly proofreading my work.

For those of you law students who have come here as a reprieve from your study efforts, I would suggest reading the musings/tales of woe of our fellow companions on this self-inflicted legal journey listed on the right. There are a lot of new blogs profoundly wise experts on effective use of study time sharing their efforts with the world. I started this thing as an effort to escape from studying for finals and I believe that this tradition should be passed on with honor...or like the syph.

I'll ask this again: Please save me from my work.

Update: Facebook me! There is always more time to waste