Monday, December 04, 2006

And that's that: The Semester Ends

A moment of silence: for GPAs everywhere.

A prayer of hope: May the oncoming exams treat each and everyone of you with the kind touch of your favorite tranny hooker.

1Ls: Don't worry, tequila makes Tort Law happy...or is that tequila makes torts happen...either or

2Ls: You can coast next semester

3Ls: Well, if you are worried about the exams before you, well...see the prayer of hope above

Don't forget the sage advice of one of my classmates: "When law school screws you over, there is one and only one remedy: you must drink, masturbate, then cry"

My last day of Class: I had to present my thesis paper to the class today. An adventure to say the least considering that until about 11:30 last night, I had not looked at my paper draft. After a half hour of prep, I ended up talking for damn near 40 minutes. I don't think that I made much sense. But, as I was quite clear to my classmates before the professor walked in, I just didn't care. The paper, in its final form, is due a week from today then I'm done for the semester.

Best of luck to y'all on exams...Considering I have only this stupid paper, I'm around if you want advice, help, or just someone to vent to.