Friday, November 03, 2006

This Only Happens When I'm home alone [because I think my roommate would call the cops on me if he saw this]

I have today off. I slept past 7, which was nice. I got caught up on my Tivo watching but after about 4 hours of coffee aided jack squat, I got hungry. Time to pause the latest Grey's Anatomy and turn on some music.

Just so happen that I downloaded the music from that scene in Ocean's 12 where The Night Fox dances his way through the laser security grid guarding whatever the hell he is stealing. It's a damn cool scene despite it not belonging in the movie. But I digress...

Enter this music and add my desire to finish up a bunch of fresh vegetables in the fridge equals a moment that should have been caught on video. I dance as I dice the onions. I frolic as I flick the various ingredients into the saucepan with an arcing pizazz. I throw chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes all in rhythm to this addictive song. Then the spices come out and I trip the light fantastic. This really was like the movie Cocktail only with Basil and Garlic Powder.

Of course, I don't dance well. But this lunch...this lunch is fantastic.