Monday, November 27, 2006

Maybe, just maybe, a little message of calm

I was sitting in the student lounge prepping for my final trial. The girl sitting next to me strikes up a conversation. As it goes on, it turns out that she no longer goes to school here. She has moved up the ladder and has recently transferred to a Top 5 law school.

But yet, she still studies in the lounge of my school.

The conversation went on...

Her: I did well here. I did very well. But now...I think about the smartest thing that I can say, I raise my hand to say it, and as soon as I am done talking I know what I have said is so so wrong. I feel like a first grade Special-ed student who has been placed into 5th grade honors math...there are days when I serious think about begging to be let back in here so I could be done in 15 weeks. If you know anyone who is thinking about transferring, tell them not to, the work won't be worth it.

Me: Just think about the opportunities that you will have before you just because of where your degree will be from

: Those opportunities won't be there if I quit three hours after I start one of those great jobs or have a nervous breakdown...
I really feel for her. Law school is supposed to be tough, but not manic crazy tough. I wanted to use this post to pass on her message that it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big lake.

After this chat, it makes my work seem a lot more manageable. Time to get cracking...