Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Just Lunch

Good: Being taken out to lunch by the Senior Partner

Bad: During the lunch, being asked why you aren't dating anyone and trying to come up with a decent reason why I have no significant other.

Worse: Shortly after this topic is brought up, two attractive women sit down next to the table that we are at. The Senior Partner looks at you and gives you a suggestive nod about their attractiveness. Several times. Then he strikes up a conversation with them that makes me look good in a flirtatious light. "He's a law student and going to be an outstanding trial attorney...ladies...what do you do?"

Make it Stop: Trying to covertly point out to the Senior Partner as he is going on with this conversation: "Massage Therapy Students? That's SO interesting..." that both ladies have ginormous engagement rings with wedding bands.

At least he bought the lunch.