Thursday, November 16, 2006

Finest Cabs in Chicago? My Ass.

10:30: Go to bed. 7:45 am Doctor's appointment in the morning, don't want to be late
2:15: Still awake
3:00: Fall asleep...I think
6:35: Wake up
6:40: Call Cab for 7:10
6:55: Out of shower, ready for cab
7:20: Call Cab Company to find out when the cab will arrive
7:25: Taken off hold, they have no idea where the driver is. They will send a second cab. It will be there in 10-12 minutes.
7:40: Call Cab Company to find out when the second cab will arrive. Put on hold
7:45: "I cannot get in contact with the driver. We have no cabs for you." Thanks, Jackass.

This day has just started off great.

Update: Yeah, surgery is scheduled for the 20th of December...fucking fantastic