Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Federal Rules of Ego

Trial Ad Prof: You people need to know the rules of evidence! It's like you are playing a game of chess without knowing how the pieces move!
3L: My evidence prof was useless. I don't know the rules well enough.
Trial Ad Prof: Get a Gilberts. Read Mauet. Read the rules. That's what I did. My professor didn't teach us evidence and as a trial lawyer you really need to know them.
3L #2: [Lamenting] My evidence class didn't help me at all...
Trial Ad Prof: [Commiserating with these two 3Ls] I had Laurence Tribe. Big Name. Big Ego. Couldn't Teach Evidence. In class, it would be like, "Aww...thanks Larry, we'd love to hear more about your time in front of the Supreme Court."