Sunday, October 08, 2006

And that's how you do it

My Saturday was as follows:

1. Moot Court Trial Team Prep.
2. Given a Louis Vuitton wallet.
3. Went to the Heavyweight Title Fight at 4:30 [as the ticket said] in Rosemont
4. Found out that the actual Title Fight didn't start until 10pm.
5. Bar.
6. Convinced by friend that we could kill time at the strip club.
7. I hesistate. Why waste the money?
8. He continues to plead his case and I continue to shoot down the idea.
9. He offers to pay.
10. We find a cab [which was a 30 minute ordeal because Rosemont has special zones in their city that says that only 1 cab company can pick up is this legal? fair? or balanced?]
11. Denied Entry to Strip Club because I was wearing Nike pants.
12. Dive Bar across the street
13. Back to the Arena.
14. Watched the Fight. Watched the big Russian kick ass.
15. Home