Monday, September 11, 2006

Yep. Monday.

6:57: Sound asleep.
6:58: Awaken by a phone call from a Junior Clerk regarding directions to the mandatory 7:30am breakfast meeting.
6:59: End call. Continue to lay in bed.
7:00: First profanity laden tirade of the morning.
7:01: Realize that the meeting he is talking about is this morning
7:02: Call Junior Clerk back saying that I will be unable to attend because of uh...a 'class conflict'
7:03: Ponder implications of non-attendance
7:04: Realize that cons outweigh the pros in non-attending. Especially since the two that I supervise will be in attendence. Swear loudly.
7:05: Shower
7:06: Awake. I think
7:07: Shave [in shower]
7:08: Swear loudly
7:09: Exit shower without having nicked myself shaving. Consider it a personal success
7:10: Swear quietly...don't want to wake up the roommate.
7:11: Dress. Successfully tie full-windsor knot to the appropriate length and fullness on first attempt. Second personal success of morning.
7:12: Call Junior Clerk. Ask for him to save a seat for me. And have coffee waiting.
7:13: Brush Teeth. Apply Hair Product.
7:15: Definitely awake.
7:16: Out the door. Run to the car.
7:17: Begin 'bending' the rules of the road.
7:19: Broke rules of the road.
7:23: Fuck the rules of the road. Stop signs are optional and Speed Limits violate the Commerce Clause.
7:32: Arrive at meeting.