Sunday, September 10, 2006

Effective Time Management

A lot of people ask me how to effectively manage time while in law school. I usually always start out with some big fat lie witty anecdote about how I once fell asleep in the library and waking up after they have closed it. But then they want to know more. They start to ask questions that can only be answered by telling the truth about how much work law school really is. The hours that one has to put in 7 days a week can be a killer.

Therefore, as a service to many and as a reference to the rest, here is how I have used my time since class ended on Thursday:

Classes for the week ended at 3. Golf course by 3:30. Poker game at 8. Home by 3am

Sleep until 10. Coffee. Sportscenter. At the golf course by 1. Home at 7. Shower. Dinner and Drinks. Home by 3am

Sleep until 11. Coffee. Breakfast. Open 1 book [but do nothing more than open] and leave it in the middle of the living room until the roommate bitches about it sitting there. College Football at 12. 9 Holes of Golf. Watch College Football at the Casino in Gary, IN while playing poker. Home by 3am.

Sleep Until 11. Watch NFL Sunday Countdown. Coffee. First round of football games. Grocery shop at halftime. More football. Finish laundry before second round of football. Bears Game [my world comes to a hault]. Make Dinner after Bears game for my roommate and myself. Sunday Night Football. Shower for the first time around 10:30. At 11, find open book and study until the eBay auction that I am watching ends at 11:30.