Sunday, August 20, 2006

A party person

I was at a birthday party last night when the mind became filled with thoughts of wonder, curiousity, and then numbness.

I'm talking about that one party goer that is friends with the host, but is not exactly sure what she is trying to pull off. It's at this point that I wish I had taken a picture so you could precisely understand, but words will have to suffice. It was a small girl, 5'2 or so. Thin. Skin tight jeans with a Treo dangling somehow from a belt loop.

She had a belly button ring. That was LCD and flashing in three different colors.

Moving upwards, in lieu of a regular shirt, she was adorned with a foreign language anime pattern in what looked-like-a-sports-bra-but-not, 'shirt.' For her comfort while riding the bandwagon, she was wearing an 'Italia' soccer fleece.

The most disconcerting items of the night that made me either want to shake or screw her depending on the level of tequila floating around my bloodstream was what was going on above the eyes: She was sporting a pink, White Sox ball cap. On top of which was a pair of teal swimming goggles. And if you continued to examine you would find that she had cut holes in her baseball cap to accommodate Shrek-like pig tails that were protruding from her skull.

I want to ask some sort of question at this point, but my mind is still, just, numb.