Monday, August 21, 2006

If I can't be a mentor, I can be a cautionary example

1L: What is more important for law school talent or work ethic?
Me: Considering I don't have either...
Wizened Law Grad: ...It's all about nerves and not freaking about the curve.
1L: How does the curve work?
Me: Well, it's a fixed curve, it's mandatory, a certain percentage gets A, the next Bs, and so on
1L: But how can a professor do that?!?! It's so arbitrary it doesn't take into a variety of factors, I mean a professor can give a multiple choice test and a whole bunch of people will get the same score and the person that scored one point lower will be screwed!!!
Me: That happens and you just have to accept it.
1L: But that 1 point difference could totally ruin my GPA
Me: There's a bar in the basement of the building for a reason