Thursday, July 13, 2006

Those Law Students Will Do Anything the Attorneys Ask

Partner: Namby, get in here!!!
Me: [Sprinting into his office] Yes, sir?
Partner: Now, I only ask you this because you have come through on those tough requests in the past. How good are you with kids?
Me: Umm…how old?
Partner: 17 months
Me: Umm…I’m ok…
Partner: Ok, the reason that I am asking you this is that we are going to make an offer to an attorney with a kid. We told her that we have daycare.
Me: We have daycare?
Partner: You know that we don’t have daycare. Anyways, I want you coordinate with the other summers a schedule to watch the kid while this attorney does her work.
Me: Sir, I have a question…where are you thinking of putting the child?
Partner: In your office.
Me: My office?
Partner: Yes. You will just get a crib and put it in the middle of your office.
Senior Associate: And you are going to have to child proof your office
Me: A crib and child proofing?
Partner: Yes. One last thing, the kid is still being breastfed. You are going to have to be in charge of feeding the kid while the attorney is doing her work.
Me: Feeding?
Senior Associate: You know, Partner, he is turning all sorts of red...maybe we should let him know this is a joke.