Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Sports

Me: Well, we can watch one team that is supposed to be good but is sucking right now. We can watch one team that is supposed to suck and sucks right now. I prefer to watch the team that is living up to their expectations
Roommate: Yeah
Me: Or we could watch Northwestern Softball Team in the Women's College World Series in HD
Roommate: This is what the Chicago Baseball Teams have driven us to.

We flip over to ESPN

Roommate: Seems like the strike zone is huge
Me: I just think the ump sucks
Roommate: That could be, but that is a hard pitch to hit. That thing rises up at you. Sinks. Then Rises. You'd look like a fool trying to hit that
Me: I'd like to try it
Roommate: You'd be put to shame
Me: Are you and I really debating the strike zone of women's softball game?
Roommate: Yeah
Me: [After a lull] That first baseman is kinda hot
Roommate: I am so much older than all of these girls, it is just sick
Me: I wouldn't kick them out of bed, neither would you
Roommate: Of course not.