Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Anonymity Lost

Sometimes, I like to be an anonymous law student. I do not engage in pre-emptive gunning. I will not volunteer (even if a stuttering miscriant is mangling the hypo). I aim to take up space in classes like this.

In these situations, I won't mind being called on. I won't mind letting the professor mispronounce my last name. Under no circumstances do I want the professor knowing that I exist or can coherently answer most questions he posits.

This situation no longer is availible to me for my Summer Class.

I was running late for dinner with a friend who is studying for the bar. So I was quick to leave work and get to school to drop my things off. I reached the school and had made up most of the time that I was afraid of losing and I was in a dash to the elevators to get to my locker. I quickly snuck between the closing doors to realize that I was standing face to face with two individuals.

One was one of the Senior Associates that I work for and the other was my Professor. And they just so happen to be friends and are in quite the conversation about this, that, and the other thing. This is when they realize that I stopped the elevator from going as planned and I have no where to hide.

Boss: Do you know [Namby]? He is one of our summers.
Professor: Oh really? I am torturing him this summer in my class.
Boss: Good. He deserves that. Keep up the good work.
The elevator stops on my floor.
Boss: See you tomorrow [Namby]
Professor: Nice to finally put a face to a name, I'll see you in a little bit.
I get out. As I approach my locker, I realize that my "work-function-conflicts-with-class-tonight-I'm-sorry-but- I-wont-be-able-to-attend" e-mail that I sent for missing class last week could be called into question. Worse, I realize that I have not done the reading for tonight's class.

To quote a wise man: Fuck it.