Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm not a lawyer, I just dress the part

Several weeks ago I went to court. I was dressed well but soon realized that once I set foot inside this courtroom that I was the only person not in a suit. I vowed not to let this happen again.

I needed to go to Court again today for status hearing on another case. Joseph Abboud and Thomas Pink were called to prevent another legal fashion faux pas. When applied in tandem, these two designers work wonders as I was far and away the best dressed individual in a courtroom of 30+ lawyers, attorneys, and clients. As a side note, I could have shown up with my previous attire on and not stuck out like the sore thumb because a nice gentleman in the Harley-Davidson XXXL T-Shirt and unkempt toupee took home that dubious honor.

So there I was sitting near the back of the courtroom just taking it all in as the court call was proceeding. This is when I notice a gentleman staring intently at me. I look away. He proceeds to stand up and move to a seat next to me:

Gentleman Caller: You have a case before the judge soon?
Me: No, I am just waiting for…
Gentleman Caller: Great, I’ll give you $500 to talk to the judge for me
Me: I’m sorry, I’m not…
Gentleman Caller: [Interrupts Me] Please man, I really need this
Me: Sir, I’m still in law school
Gentleman Caller: Oh…
My trial advocacy teacher told our class that he got his start straight out of law school by heading to the courthouse and just taking defense work as he was wondering the halls of 26th and California, so I guess that this is not at all uncommon in the practice of law. I just didn’t expect this in the Federal Bankruptcy Court.