Monday, January 30, 2006

Howdy Neighbor...

I've never met the neighbors that live above me and my roommate. I have seen them a couple of times, but never officially met them. Regardless, I don't like them. They have a thing for stomping around their apartment.

No matter what they are doing, they stomp. Sometimes they stomp so hard that they cause our in-ceiling lights to break. 4 times it's happened in the last 2 months; the most exciting of which was when I was studying at the dinner table and I hear bigfoot stomp...stomp...'Pssssshh' and then light bulb above the kitchen just shattered. I was happy.

They have a treadmill over my room. He likes to run on it. He likes to run on it when I am sleeping. When I am studying. The worst is when I am hungover. [Homicidal thoughts have been known to creep into my head at these points]

Anybody have any creative solutions for dealing with these neighborly neighbors?