Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl...Running Thoughts

1. The Patriots Lost, why the hell is Tom Brady there?
1a. Brady can throw a football and look good in whatever smoking jacket he stole from Hugh Hefner, but he flips a coin like Stephen Hawking.
2. Where are the Texas Cheerleaders in those chaps when you want to see them?
2a. Fine, the Seattle Cheerleaders will suffice
3. First Commerical Break Review
3a. Bud Light: Funny shit.
3b. Burger King: what the hell? Who are the ad wizards that came up with this shit?
4. I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to be the Chicago Bears on Offense
5. I'm happy that ABC actually showed some one in a Seahawks Jersey. I was beginning to think that all Seahawks fan were a product of my hallunication
6. Second commerical Break Review
6a. Sierra Mist: Kathy Griffin needs to give up
6b. Bud Light #2: I want a magic fridge
6c. 16 Blocks: Looks Good
7. Third Commercial Break (thoughts): Toyota (stupid), FedEx (Funny), Bud Light #3 (Meh)
8. I can't get enough of the punters. Gardocki is HOTT
9. 4th Commercial Break
9a. V for Vendetta: Shades of the Apple Computer 1984 Ad. Could be cool.
9b. Diet Pepsi: Brown and Bubbly. Um. Is this another way to say it's time to take the Browns to the Super Bowl?
10. Offensive Pass
11. Seattle is fucking with my chi.
12. 5th Commercial Break
12a. Live long and prosper, Aleve
12b. Ameriquest: Sick
12c. Bud Light #4: Best yet

One quarter of this is enough...time to watch the game and get some work done