Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Letter to NBC

Dear NBC,

On behalf of my GPA, I would like extend you sincerest thanks for having two weeks of coverage of something I just won't actively watch. No more Las Vegas, My Name is Earl, Four Kings, the Office, E-Ring, West Wing, or ER. Thank you for this. Thank you for giving me time back to actually...what is it called? I might actually open a book, do my reading, writing, and 'ritmetic. However, you have given the new found pleasure of olympic betting: if the gold medal winner cries, you gotta buy everyone with you a round of shots. So, to NBC, thank you. Thank you for giving me further things to not care about [as if Stoned Phillips and his Dateline 'Special' wasn't enough].


The Namby Pamby Law Student

p.s. At least you didn't give us that winter gem, Emily's Reasons...