Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Sonnabulistic Christmas Canine

You always learn things about your family. This Christmas was no exception.

The setting is this: 12:30am Christmas Morning, I'm on the couch relaxing watching Arrested Development Season One on DVD. I hear the dog, who is in her cage, sleeping. Then I hear her bark.

Then she walks out of the cage, head down, and barks again. I call her, she ignores me, she continues to walk, head down, and bark. I continue to call her and she continues to ignore me, and bark.

Then it dawns on me. She's asleep and sleepwalking.

You know, everyone says that it is bad to awake a sleep walking individual. So, of course, I call her, no response, and then I touch her. And that wakes her up.

I wonder what psychological trauma that inflicted upon my poor puppy.