Friday, December 23, 2005

How Gunners Prepare For Last Minute Christmas Shopping

5:03: Internet Research on the prefect sugar/cream to coffee mix

5:10: Coffee (Gevalia mail order, of course)

5:12: Print Gift Outline

5:15: More research, via Westlaw, Google, and the newspaper to figure out when stores open

5:45: Make a chart of the stores, their opening times, when the stores open around it, when the corporate offices of those various stores open up. Their phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail contact information.

6:15: Highlight and tab said chart (it'll look something like this)

6:16: More coffee

6:20: Shower. Have a debate with self in the shower about using the two various kinds of cleaning products that are in the shower, where the main focus of conflict centers around the positives of herbal shampoo versus the head and shoulders.

6:35: Roommate/Significant Other/Parents interrupt this ‘debate’ as it has been loud enough to hear throughout the entire house over the shower. They mention schizophrenia. You mention the validity of your point of view.

6:42: Wash hair with a bar of soap (the positives of both arguments led you to reevaluate using shampoo at all.

6:45: Review chart. Place in binder.

6:52: Create a flow chart of anticipated purchases in conjunction with the names of the people that the gift is being purchased for with the cost ceiling for the total of the Christmas shopping expenses. The essential formula for this effort will be loosely based on B < PL while strict scrutiny applies to any and all purchases from Banana Republic.

7:00: Call shopping group to go over hypos dealing with crowds, items that are sold out, and weather issues

7:15: Dress for the weather

7:17: Out the door. (The gunner has to get out the door to beat the crowds that are flocking to his/her shopping venues, after all it is the second week of July)