Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Final Exam Drinking Game

Elle Woods (of Legally Blonde) and I have agreed that finals are truly overrated and thus we have determined that a Final Exam Drinking Game is necessary. The rules are very simple and proper execution will result in great, curve-busting results from you and a memorable experience for everyone that takes your test with you. For legal reasons, we cannot actually recommend that you play this game, but if you do, we guaranntee it'll make your exam more interesting and you will become a legend at your school.

Here are the Rules:

  1. Take a drink for each page of the exam.

  2. Take a drink for each tab on your outline(s).

  3. Take a shot for each study aid that you brought in with you.

  4. If the proctor reads the guidelines to you: take a drink.

  5. Everytime the proctor fall asleep take a shot.

  6. Everytime the proctor fiddles with the lights or mic take a shot.

  7. Everytime the proctor writes a time on the board: chug.

  8. Do a shot as you move from problem to problem.

  9. Chug a beer when you use a Latin phrase.

  10. Everytime the letter P or D is used take a drink.

  11. Everytime you have to diagram a fact patter take a shot.

  12. Everytime you say "WTF?" take a drink.

  13. Everytime someone cries take 2 shots.

  14. Everytime someone flips out before the exam make them take a drink.

  15. If the professor comes into the room while the test is going on, take a shot-with the professor.

  16. Everytime your pencil breaks take a drink.

  17. Everytime a computer crashes, two shots. (If you go to a Ghetto school like Elle without computers then take 2 shots for that).

  18. If it's your computer chug the bottle.

  19. Chug the bottle after the first person finishes the test-throw the bottle at the person if they were done in 45 minutes or less.

  20. If you have any alcohol left and are coherent when you finished your exam: CHUG!