Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What Year Are You?

On studying in the library...
--The 1L's take over the giant tables in the library and energetically work together forming outlines and going over hypos
--The 2L's casually stroll in and start chatting with the friends and do the cross words and eventually get to the reading for the days class
--The 3L's throw their bag on the floor and take a nap

On writing assignments...
--The 1L's partition their lives before an assignment is due. They have the first draft done 4 days before the actual paper is due, then they have the TA review their work, then they meet with their professor, and finally they pull an all nighter finishing the most important memo of their lives.
--The 2L's casually stroll into the library the day that the paper is due and begin to get a draft put together...but no sooner than 4 hours before the paper is due.
--The 3L's, after waking up from their nap, they look at 2L's and get back to work on the assignment that was due 4 weeks ago

On finals...
--The 1L's, in between their legal writing assignment's have a detailed chart of when they can spend the rest of their non-class room hours perfecting outlines, answering every single hypo they can get their hands on, and pondering each sigh that the professor has uttered over the past 2 months
--The 2L's, by 11/1, know when their finals are, have contemplated making an outline, but figure that that time can be more productively spent surfing the net, watching the 1L's fret or by debating the offensive line of the Chicago Bears
--The 3L's, turn to their 2L friends and causually admit that they just looked at their final schedule a few hours earlier, have all of their finals in one week, and then go back to sleep on the floor of the library