Friday, November 04, 2005

What Not to Do on the Subway

Please, oh please do not write in your journal on the train. When you are sitting next to me. Please. Seriously.

Not that I am nosy, but when your hand writing is as large as billboard type, one can get a scintilla of what you are writing.

So I've come to you with a request of things that I do not want to read about from your life:
--Your Issues with committment, whether it be from a pet or a child
--What you had for breakfast and your weight watcher's phobia
--Your Husband's less-than-grand endowment in the nether region or how he likes to dress up as a character from a well-known children's movie while you two are intimate.

Thanks for sharing this snippet of your life.

All of these things, especially when being written by an individual who most likely shops at a store that could provide clothing for a humpback whale, have a detrimental impact on my ride on the train.

So please, we are all in this together. Let's think before we journal in public...