Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things Overheard Outside Class

Still Drunk 2L Chick: I feel fabulous!
2L Chick 2: I haven’t used the word fabulous to describe how I feel since I’ve gotten to law school
2L Chick 3: (To 2L Chick 2) You used the word fabulous after you got fucked last night
2L Chick 1: What should I get him for Christmas?
2L Chick 2: Get him Tiffany’s Cologne
2L Chick 1: His Colgone is Camel Light.
1L Chick--Could you take a picture of our entire section?
2L Chick 1--Sure
2L Chick 2--(After they leave) I couldn’t find 10 people, let alone a 100 people that I would want to take a picture with
2L Guy--Like me?
2L Chick 2--No, I would want a picture with you, with you right in between my breasts.