Wednesday, September 14, 2005

John Roberts is a genius

--No matter how hard they try to prove otherwise, the entire United States Senate is no where near as intelligent as Judge John Roberts. Any man that can face an all-day grilling on international TV without any notes or aids in front of him and can discuss ad naseaum the merits of Court decisions from the past 200+ years along with any single part of a memo written to his boss 20+ years ago is pretty damn worthy of a seat on the Supreme Court or running for President (or both)

--Boston Globe Columnist Thomas Oliphant should remove the foot from his mouth. Don't believe me: read here

--Senators Spector, Leahy, and Kennedy seem to know beans about the law, at least in comparison to John Roberts. Senator Biden, much to his credit, graciously acknowledged the fact that he might be able to discuss the law as well as Former Senator and current Law and Order star, Fred Thompson

--I really hate CSPAN for changing the channels of the confirmation coverage 3 hours through the questioning. Damn you CSPAN, you faked out my TIVO!