Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Professors and Fashion

Dylan McDermott never had this problem. Ally McBeal never had this problem. The Red Head in Sex and City whose name I can never remember for sure never had this problem. That problem is fashion impairment.

One wise onlooker, schooled in the ways to Ted Baker, wonders if the designers of professors (think I, Robot) forgot to program a dressing algorithm in their initial software release.

To illustrate, one lanky professor of ours, enters class sporting a dapper looking striped shirt (to which I am partial) capped off with what could be a drape removed from his office around his neck. This has not been a single event. Each and every Monday and Wednesday seems to feature a new, more hideous looking, cravat. Maybe he wanders into the Field Museum and absconds with some 17th century fabric that once adorned the couch belonging to Sir Edmond Lardarse, LLM.

Alas, these remarkable legal minds could be greatly stylized with a simple visit to Sak’s Mens Store, Neimen Marcus, or even Men’s Warehouse. Maybe Bravo could get into gear and solve the problem for us by launching a new series: Queer Eye for the Legal Guy. (Just think of Carson wearing judge’s robes). Then again, Fox might be waiting for Whose Your Daddy to take a dip in the ratings before launching their new reality show “When Lawyers Go Bad: Fashionable Justice at the Burlington Coat Factory”

Damn. That Tie is really bad.