Thursday, February 04, 2010

The NPPRE: Namby Pamby Does Ethics

Question 1
You are in your partner’s office retrieving a file. Your partner is on vacation in a very warm, very nice, very far away place. You haven’t taken a personal day in four months. Is it wrong to break wind while you are present in that office?

Explain why or why not. [Show your work for full credit]

Question 2
A client calls you and is demanding to speak to the partner (who is may be screening his calls) on a case that you are working on. You know full well that your partner is sitting in his office working because you were in said office not 3 minutes earlier. After you the client asks you to check to see if the partner is in his office, should you a) walk into a vacant office ‘looking for the partner’ or b) just sit at your desk as the client waits on hold, then pick up tell the client that the office has no lights on.

Explain your answer with relevant citations to the relevant sections of the rules of professional conduct as well as the Ten Commandments, Declaration of Independence and Episodes of Seinfeld.

Question 3
You have forgotten to send your expert witness a key e-mail in advance of her deposition. Your partner asks you if you made contact with the expert regarding this key e-mail. Do you: (a) tell on yourself and look like an idiot (b) tell your partner that you mistyped the e-mail address and look like an idiot or (c) Play deaf. And look like an idiot.

Pencil down...your time is up.