Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My law school is espechully awesum!

Just because I've been free of law school for two years, doesn't mean I don't still enjoy making fun of the institution. Gladly, I am not alone in this:

Daisy: [Our Law School] Alma Mater just sent me a survey!
Daisy: where is the box for "i hate you"
Me: i got it
Me: i was so pissed off
Me: that i didnt delete it right away
Me: instead
Me: i thought about kicking a small child
Me: and i felt better
Daisy: so Alma Mater's server fucked up on saturday
Daisy: and sent The Enabler [Daisy's Fiance]
Me: wait, Alma Mater messed up? no way!
Me: tell me more!
Me: i've never heard of this concept
Daisy: 900 emails
Daisy: of every Law School email since '06
Daisy: flooded his inbox
Daisy: tried to kill his iphone
Me: $150,000 wasn't enough?
Me: They weren't satisfied with taking his dignity? his soul's purity? his anal virginity?
Daisy: exactly
Me: I've had enough this. I'm burning my diploma.
Me: Or I'm just not going to look at it for at least a week