Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm what my mother calls 'Special'

My daily confession: I am about to graduate law school and yet, I cannot read.

There are these little street signs that were posted on the sidestreet that I park: "NO PARKING STREET CLEANING." I usually miss these badboys because I am totally oblivious most of the time, and just like that, I get hit with my first ticket of the year.

That's $50 bucks down the drain.

So, I move my car to get out of the restricted zone, pissed off, and I park. This morning, I get out of my house, head to my car, and there is a second greeting from the city. I missed a second "NO PARKING STREET CLEANING" sign.

Check that earlier figure, it's now $100 to the city.

The sad part of this tale is not that I cannot read. The sad part is that I was too cheap to pay the $75 dollars to the city last year for a street parking sticker that would allow me to park [without these hateful street cleanings] in front of my apartment.

I am 'special'