Monday, December 11, 2006

And that's that

The paper is done.

The page minimum is 30 pages. I'm right at 30 pages. It is supposed to be 30 pages not including footnotes. I could change the font to clear the hurdle, but I don't feel like turning in 36 pages of Arial. 43 Pages in Courier New. It's the same paper...what does it matter?

I've edited, checked the cites, and made sure that it doesn't sound too bad. All I have to do is print the thing off and walked it to the Professor's office.

My roommate just called and I'm supposed to meet up with him tonight. This means I miss the Bears game. I really don't want to miss the game but...

The phone call was to tell me what we are doing tomorrow: Golf at 12am.

In San Diego.