Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today's Events

9:18: Wake up. It's raining. It's perfect sleeping weather
9:30: Get out of bed transfer to couch.
10:45: Check class schedule to confirm class is at 3pm
10:47: Confirm class is at 3pm. Put on glasses. See that class is actually at 12:30. Fuck.
11:00: First cup of coffee. Not looking forward to 3 hours of class. Double Fuck.
11:57: Get to school. Get more coffee.
12:32: Professor arrives in class. Tells us that the No. 1 complaint that his past students say that this course is too much work. He doesn't apologize and admits that he is proud of that fact. Gives first assignment which is to prepare argument for both sides of a complex property motion and write a complaint for a PI client. Gives us a third assignment, then tells us that he is cancelling it. Says that the point of it is to find out who the litigators are and the individuals that have a future in estate planning.
12:53: Class is over.
1:00: Read through packet of assignments. Triple Fuck
1:30: Finish reading.
1:45: Grab lunch.
2:10: Jot notes on PI complaint.
2:15: Bar. $2 Drafts for everyone

Third year is shaping up mighty-nice