Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Brass Ones: A true story

Setting: Your office's conference room.

The Scene: You are a junior associate that works for a midsize transactional firm that has been hit by layoffs and massive paycuts. Needless to say morale of the associates is at an all time low. While you are present in the conference room, an equity partner walks in and begins to make small talk about his family.

Partner: I just found out that my eldest just got accepted to Harvard.
Associate: That's great, sir. You must be really proud.
Partner: Absolutely. Now he just has to decide between Harvard, Yale and Stanford.
Associate: Can't go wrong with any of them.
Partner: This means you are going to have to work harder so I can pay for it.
Associate: You already cut my pay 35% I don't think you need any more help from me.
With that, the associate leaves the conference room, heads to his office and returns the call to that pesky recruiter that keeps calling.