Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chiropractors make my life harder

I'm meeting with one of my clients treating "doctors" today as we move her case towards trial.

Thanks to this doctor, my job is a hell of a lot harder. Why you ask? Because insurance companies, defense counsel, real doctors and most anyone associated with the medical profession hate chiropractors.

Chiropractic medicine is palliative in nature meaning that it attempts to relieve the symptoms and not address the underlying issues that cause the symptoms. Now, I'm not saying it can't temporarily relieve pain because it can. However, a lot of Plaintiff's go straight to a chiropractor and that "doctor" never refers them to someone that can actually do something.

When there is a lot of chiropractic medicine in a case, you can almost be guaranteed that the insurance company will fight the claim until the bitter end.

So I am meeting with this doctor today to prepare for trial and this is what I want to say:
Doctor, if I may call you that, I believe that you are a joke of a professional.

You continually rack up thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills for procedures that do absolutely nothing to treat the underlying condition that my client has presented with. After six months of "treatment" with you, you prescribed more "treatment."
Breathtaking diagnostic approach. I am sure that Dr. House would be proud of your medical abilities.

What's most damning is that you didn't refer the patient to a neurologist, orthopedist or a freaking podiatrist…you know a real doctor that went to a real medical school.
As this case moves forward, I'm extremely thankful that for two months of treating my client, you bill approximately $4,000 for "hot/cold packs". Let me get that straight, four thousand bucks for ice and a heating pad? I guess your office has a shortage of electricity and water.
You're a hack.
As I need this doctor, this is what I will say:
Doctor, thank you for meeting with me today. I want to thank you for feeling my client's pain. [I will attempt to tear up at this point]
And making her better.
I wonder if my disdain will show through?