Saturday, May 08, 2010

Serenity now, insanity postponed

I'm at the family vacation home in the far northern climes of Wisconsin for an extended weekend. Actually, I'm ten miles from the home because we don't have Internet. Or consistent cell coverage.

It's a respite from the normal hustle and bustle of Chicago. Except that 100 miles south of here it started snowing. And it kept snowing. And it is still snowing.

It is beautiful but not what I was expecting on this mini vacation. Even though I will be deterred from frequenting the area golf courses, I will not be from venturing out onto the lake to do a little fishing. Because my dog is manlier than I am:

Yes, that white stuff is the two inches of snow accumulated. And yes, she is in the water waiting for me to join.

This is relaxation defined. I don't have to go home, right?